CGM News, May 2015


Visit Medical Schools in Cuba

Prof. Juhwan Oh (Chief of Unit for Education, Research, and Policy) and senior researcher You-Seon Nam at CGM visited last January the University of Medical Sciences of Havana (Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana) and the Latin American School of Medicine (Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina, ELAM) in Havana, Cuba. Through this visit, they shared detailed information and opinion about the Cuban Healthcare System focusing on primary healthcare and global health action from the Cuban doctors, faculties, and medical students.

Ultrasound Education Program in Nepal

Ultrasound Education Program which was mainly conducted in Vietnam will be held at Dhulikhel Hospital in Nepal coming February for the first time. Lectures related to Basic Abdomen and OB Ultrasound will be offered to medical staffs from Dhulikhel Hospital and Kanti Children’s Hospital and Prof. Byung Ihn Choi (Chung-Ang University Hospital), Prof. Jung-eun Cheon, Prof. Jung Hoon Kim (Seoul National University College of Medicine), Prof. Se Hyung Kim (Seoul National University Hospital), Prof. Byoung Jae Kim (Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center) are scheduled to join as an instructor. CGM has signed the MOU with Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Department of Radiology at Seoul National University Hospital to activate Ultrasound Training in medical vulnerable countries at the back end of last year.

2015 SNUCM Pre-Medical Students Cambodia Field Visit to Strengthen Global Competencies

Professor Juhwan Oh, Jinsol Yoo, and Jayoung Park researchers will travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia from Feburary 14th to 24th with Seoul National University College of Medicine(SNUCM) pre-medical students for their overseas field experience to strengthen global competencies. 6 selected applicants from the Pre-Medical Office (Prof. Son, Hwan Cheol), professors Oh, and 2 research staffs from CGM will visit local health service, hospitals, and the Cambodian Ministry of Health Director (Assist/Prof.Voeurng Bunreth) and learn about the local health system and the effects of aid from Korea. In addition, the team will attend the annual regional health forums and regular meetings that will be held during the visit. Moreover, the team will have time with WHO Representative (Dr. Dong-il Ahn), WHO local expert (Dr. Kannitha Cheang) and the Cambodian National Maternal and Child Health Hospital Director (Prof. Tung Rathavy). The participants will have conversation about global health activities with Dr. Kim Sang Gyuen, Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (President Dr. IHN Yohan) Cambodia Office Director, as part of the program. This trip is supported by KOFIH based on MOU between CGM and KOFIH.

Dr. LEE Jong-wook Fellowship (Health Administrator’s course) Ex-Post Evaluation

As part of Ex-Post evaluation for Dr. LEE Jong-wook Fellowship (Health Administrator’s course) supported by Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH), JW Lee Center for Global Medicine(CGM) will visit Laos and Rwanda on February. This visit is for evaluation of training performance and applicability through multi-source in-depth interview with graduates of Dr. LEE Jong-wook Fellowship (Health Administrator’s course). CGM has conducted same research in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia from last September and it will be completed by this visit. Analyzing the collected data, CGM is planning to establish the remote support plan for graduates of Dr. LEE Jong-wook Fellowship.
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