New Books

The Oxford Handbook of the Politics of Development

  • Author: Carol Lancaster, Nicolas Van de Walle
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publication Date: July 2018


This book brings together essays that tackle the political aspects of development. It offers various explanations for variations in the pace and pattern of economic development across both time and space, focusing on a particular variable or set of variables such as civil conflict, natural resources, and regime type. The book traces the trajectory of scholarship in the field of political development, beginning with the rise of what became known as “modernization theory” in the 1960s. It also examines how development intersects with ethnicity, democracy, and taxation; the synergies and disconnects among religion, politics, and economic development; the politics of the so-called resource curse; and the impact of foreign aid on democratization in developing countries. Furthermore, the book looks at the experiences of countries and regions such as Africa, India, Latin America, South Korea, China, and East Asia.


Climate Finance as an Instrument to Promote the Green Growth in Developing Countries

  • Author: Antonio A. Romano, Giuseppe Scandurra, Alfonso Carfora, Monica Ronghi
  • Publisher: Springer Link
  • Publication Date: 2018


This book analyses the effectiveness of climate finance as political instrument to reduce the effect of anthropogenic activities on climate change and promote the green growth in developing countries.

The book highlights that close attention should also be paid to the analysis of political contexts in a broad sense. Particularly focusing on the international negotiations process that enables the direction of funds toward specific needs and priorities and the issue of access to electricity. For example, the difficulties that developing countries face when trying to improve their green economic development without access to carbon remains a matter of the utmost importance and urgency for many developing countries that lack significant aid from developed countries.

This book will be of interest to a wide body of academics and practitioners in climate change and energy policies. Moreover, this project is a valid instrument for students in energy policies and climate programs.


Global Education Policy and International Development: New Agendas, Issues, and Policies

  • Author: Antoni Verger, Mario Novelli, Hulya Kosar Altinyelken
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury
  • Publication Date: Jan. 2018


Exploring the interplay between globalization, education and international development, this comprehensive introduction surveys the impact of global education policies on local policy in developing countries. With chapters written by leading international scholars in the field, drawing on a full range of theoretical perspectives and offering a diverse selection of case studies, this new edition has been revised and updated throughout to reflect changing policy debates and issues whilst maintaining the theoretical and intellectual coherence of the first edition. This second edition of Global Education Policy and International Development includes:

- Seven entirely new chapters on the emerging debates in the field, including large-scale assessments, quality of teaching and education in emergencies
- Contributions from the leading scholars in the field, such as Stephen J. Ball, Roger Dale, Susan Robertson, Gita Steiner-Khamsi and Elaine Unterhalter
- Supportive pedagogical features such as chapter outlines, questions for discussion, key reading recommendations and boxed case studies and vignettes - Updated case studies from a variety of countries in the Global South

From students of education, development and globalization to practitioners working in developing contexts, Global Education Policy and International Development is an essential textbook for those seeking to understand how global forces and local realities meet to shape education policy in the developing world.

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